Student complains about library policies

There is only one place in this school with a serious lack of manners toward our student body.

I don’t willingly go, but it remains the meeting point for tutoring and open computer labs. This place is so frequented by students, that it’s unavoidable. What is this place I so humbly speak from? The library.

Who has not been berated to stop playing games and do real work? Who has not tried walking the library after 3 p.m, only to find the other door locked?

We are not allowed to talk, eat or even take a break with an online game! We aren’t even allowed to be there unless we sign a meaningless piece of paper, claimed to be for safety.

As if this time consuming act was not enough, they continue to ask, “Did you sign in?” I can recall how I swallowed my pride and signed my name, only to be told that I didn’t. Upon trying to point out my name, I was thrown out.

As if we were not restricted enough, they don’t allow us to walk through its doors after school. They lock only one door so by the time you get to the other side, they remark in the most insulting tone, “Well it’s been locked all year!”

This is not to say that all librarians are evil, as I happen to like them when they’re not berating me with interrogating questions. I think it’s the tone that gets me the most. They have authority, but they’re not having tea with the queen.


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