Band performs at Black Cat

Helen George, Carl Wichman, Kelc Johnson, and Duncan Kinzie performing "Left Turn" at the WGHS Black Cat Theatre Fundraiser Oct. 8. (Photo by Felisha Smith)

Aerin Johnson
Staff Writer

Black Cat Collective Arts Theatre Fundraiser for the marching band was on Oct. 8 at the Black Cat Theatre in Maplewood.

The entire show was done by students. Band parent Laura Puricelli, who helped to put the show together, tried “to encompass all the arts” into the fundraiser. The show included the marching band, four jazz bands, orchestra, A-Men, solo performances, a one-act, a display from the fine arts department, and Irish music and dancing. The show was directed by Alumni Lia Ashley and hosted by senior Matt Simmons.

Everyone who went enjoyed all the performances. The audience had a lot of laughs because of the comedy that was performed. The one-act was about all the bad things that can happen to you when you’re testing for drivers permit for the millionth time, the dancers and traditional Irish music were amazing to see and hear, and the band was amazing.

Puricelli said the more people getting involved with a thing they want to do in real life situations makes things more fun and that is what she is trying to do with this fundraiser.

Principal Jon Clark said the fundraiser was a good idea. “I feel this is a very creative fundraiser. Our parent organizations are always looking for new ways to raise money for our students,” Clark said, “This is especially nice since a variety of students in the fine arts are able to display their many talents.”

Eighty percent of the profits were sent to the marching band for their spring trip to Ireland. The event originally was going to be an auction, but people were afraid it would compete with one of the high school auctions, so the band parents decided to sponsor a show.

The trip will cost around $2,000 per person. The marching band will leave close to St. Patrick’s Day and will play in a parade while they are there.

Band parents decided to give all the groups some money for contributing to the show. Eighty percent of the fundraiser money went to a special project and 20 percent was split among the other departments. The show has also had $1,000 anonymous donation.

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