Readers respond to dance team article

I feel as if I am one of your biggest fans. I read all your articles (even the sports one though I usually have no idea what its about) and I rarely have complaints, but now I have a big one.

I agree that one should have enthusiasm about whatever they’re writing, and they should also have an unbiased author. One such case where that did not happen is the September dance team article.

While reading it, I could tell that the author (Ms. Gran) was showing a negative view towards the dance team. A cheerleader who is afraid of losing her spotlight perhaps? The comments and tone of this article hurt the people associated with it and others may have judged the author for how the article was written.

I am not opposed to the dance team being in the newspaper because I have many friends who participate in it. I simply ask that if such a controversial topic is going to be written, that you not only lengthen it but also make sure to cover both views equally and include accurate information.

With love,

Buffy the V.S.

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