Readers respond to dance team article

When we read the article concerning the dance team, we noticed several discrepancies within the article that Ms. Gran wrote.

The dance team performs at both pre-game and half time at all varsity home football games.

With regards to Ms. Haniford’s comment, she is mistaken when she says that dance team only performs at pep rallies, as the dance team has historically performed at girls and boys’ varsity basketball games, both Turkey Day performances and at parades.

It was the 2010-2011 coaches, Karen Moehlmann and Mary-Ann Schaffer, along Skyla Yokely, who were responsible for gaining the privilege to dance at football games.

We appreciated varsity cheer coach, Ms. Thomson’s gracious comments about the dance team and wish her luck with coaching this year.

The dance team, wishes for the following corrections listed above to be made on the story on the newspaper’s website. We appreciated the coverage that the Echo gave us but we ask that next time to get their information correct, to interview more members of team or people related to the team and finally, to include more positive remarks about the team.

If the newspaper does a further story on the dance team, please be aware also of the spelling of our junior captain, “Libbi Pacatte.”

We would also like to address the Step Team due to other comments made and say that under no circumstances would we not like to see the team perform. We fully support, look forward to and are excited for their further performances, as they have been doing wonderfully.

The Dance Team 2011-2012

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