Back in Black impresses this year


Seniors Suzie Schmitt, Beth Sitterley, Jamie Garland, and Katie Ribant take a break from dancing to take a picture at this years Back in Black dance on Sept. 9 (Photo courtesy of Katie Ribant)

Samantha Brown
Web Editor

“The dance was a lot more fun this year,” said sophomore Leah Brand.  “The music was better, the floor was less slippery and people had better ideas for glow in the dark like glow sticks.”
The Back in Black dance is one of the most expensive dances, price wise, of the year besides prom, and all the money goes to student council.
“On the day of the dance, we put up black paper all over the walls and really just black everywhere,” said senior Greg Wolk.

This year, a total of 240 students attended which is about the same number as last year.  The money that STUCO raised about breaks even with what they spent for the dance.  The money they made for this dance went to pay for the DJ, techno bubbles, and t-shirts.

“I think the dance is cool; it’s like another party, but it’s not as good as the other dances,” said senior Tom Neiman.

“I like the dance because you can wear whatever you want,” added senior Beth Sitterley. “There is good music, and since there aren’t as many people, you can actually breathe.  Some of my friends and I even got to dance on the speakers with the DJ!”

“People say the dance is lame, but if they go, they say it’s a lot of fun,” said junior Anna Heidinger.

“I think the people who set up the dance should put out fans and maybe water like they do for other dances,” said Brand about how they could improve the dance.

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