Annual concert strives for environmental awareness

Das Racist, rappers Heems and Kool A.D., perform at LouFest 2011 on Aug. 17, in Forest Park. (Photo by Kelli Lowry)

Kelli Lowry
Staff Writer

LouFest 2011 brought 18 local and national bands from around the country to music lovers who flock to Saint Louis in Forest Park to hear its unique, indie sound.

Saturday the set list included bands: Jon Hardy & The Public, Troubadour Dali, Sleepy Sun, Kings Go Forth, Dom, Surfer Blood, The Hold Steady, Deerhunter, and The Roots. Deerhunter, a band from Atlanta started their sound check as a variety of fans with tattoos, piercings and cigarettes crowded around the Orange stage. The band’s haze of guitars and keyboards set the crowd in a musical daze as it sang along to lead singer Bradford Cox’s haunting voice.

Sunday afternoon Das Racist, a rap group from Brooklyn strutted on from backstage to an anxious crowd. The rap group performed a variety of songs that made everyone light on his/her feet. Das Racist gave a twist on modern day rap by putting in clever humor in its lyrics but retaining its distinctive style.

!!! is an upbeat band from Sacramento who performed right after Das Racist and kept the crowd dancing and on its feet. Lead singer Nic Offer entertained the crowd with his electric voice and dance moves. He interacted with the crowd well and even jumped into the crowd in mid-song. !!! was definitely a favorite for fans.

To tone down the night, Cat Power gave fans a taste of a quieter, jazz sound. The performance was perfect with a light sprinkle of rain and Charlyn Marshall’s soft voice through the speakers.

Last to perform was TV On The Radio. The Brooklyn band had the most fans and crowd of the day. It brought exquisite energy and a beat that ran through everyone’s body. TV On The Radio was a great concert to experience.

LouFest is known for being over achieving in keeping the festival as green as possible and encouraging everyone to be green as well. Everything is recycled and composted. Last year staff diverted 66 percent of all waste left from the festival.

Sophomore Madeline Vetter attended this year. “I thought the overall experience of LouFest was radical, and I would definitely go next year. I thought the green atmosphere was cool,” she said.

LouFest gives the chance to experience so much soul and talent that all these bands put into their music. LouFest inspires all its attendees to live a green and boundless lifestyle.

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