English teacher promoted to principal


New Pricipal Angela Thompson looking over attendence with her secratary Mary Cherrick. (Photo by Felisha Smith)

Felisha Smith
Business Manager

Due to the Avery Principal leaving Gale Henesy from the district front office took his position. John M. Thomas took her job, leaving an open position as principle. After several interviews English teacher Angela Thompson got the job as principal.
“I’m really enjoying this. I’m learning more everyday,” said Thompson. The Administration job is only hers for a year and her previous English-teaching job is promised for her when it ends, even though she wants to be a principal. She has her masters in Administration.
“She hasn’t been principal for long and she already seems to have the hang of it,” said senior Mary Noce.
“I like being kept really busy and this is what I want to do,” said Thompson.
She is currently in charge of the Foreign, FACS, Industrial, and gifted department. She is also in charge of the library, student teachers, course description book, and 300 plus students.
“I think she is doing a really good job, and she is really nice,” said senior Brittney Sawyer.
“I really love all the responsibility I have and I really want to continue,” said Thompson.
About going back to teaching, “I do like working with students but I enjoy my work as a principal more. I always wanted to be a principal,” said Thompson.
“I think she is doing a good job so far. She is fun to work with,” said Mary Cherrick, Thompsons secretary.

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