Video editor calls it a wrap on Echo

Luca Giordano
Video Editor

Photo by Liz Giordano

Well, would you look at that! Two years at the Echo went faster than I thought, and now I am writing my “senior goodbye.”

For those who don’t know, my name is Luca Giordano. I am the video editor, I write stories, and I have taken some photos you may have seen on the Echo Instagram.

Besides journalism, I have other passions I have pursued in high school.

Being in the jazz band brought me personal expression through music.

Being in the film club gave me an outlet for creativity in writing, directing, and editing.

Volleyball provided me with a team dynamic and a drive to bring my best each day.

Although, considering I am pursuing journalism in college, it is safe to say that writing for the Echo had a significant influence over my other activities.

Was it the freedom I got in choosing and writing my stories? Was it the people I got to meet through interviews, where I got a small glimpse into their interesting lives?

Was it the newspaper’s flexibility to allow me to have another outlet for filmmaking?

Was it the great people that I met on staff?

Really, it was all of it. Journalism may be for the community, but it fits all my individual needs.

Photo by Bruno Giordano

Finally, I want to thank people! Thank you, Donald Johnson for being such an encouraging advisor and teacher throughout my time at the Echo.

Thank you to everyone on staff for always making my time at the newspaper a laugh.

Thank you to film club members for creating a creative community for everyone to express themselves in.

Thank you to Kevin Cole and the entire jazz band for inspiring me to constantly expand my knowledge in music.

Thank you to my family for always supporting me through every decision I
make, and finally thank you for reading through this long-winded goodbye.



Luca Giordano- Video Editor

This will be Luca Giordano’s first year on ECHO Staff, but he also made several contributions while taking journalism class his junior year.

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