Most amazing print editor says, ‘Goodbye’

Izzy Poole
Print Editor

CD49F6AB-066B-4968-AB49-73356A1EBA83-removebg-previewsmile gifFirst big moment I remember from journalism was when Maren DeMargel and I won the 2021 MIPA (Missouri Interscholastic Press Association) Superior and 2021 MIPA Honorable Mention for our story about buses… buses.

“Concerns about COVID-19 change school bussing.” We were in absolute shock that a video that we had just put together with our clips from riding the bus sophomore year, and our attempts at using a camcorder for the first time somehow received two whole awards.

Even today talking about it we have no idea why the judges thought that was better than all the other videos in Missouri, but it definitely gave me a little confidence boost.

From there on everytime a story of mine was posted, my mom would send me the link and tell me how proud she was. I couldn’t have written all of the stories I did without her and my friends getting so excited when I walked in their classes holding the newest edition of the Echo.

When deciding what I wanted to do in college, the only option in my head was journalism. Although, when I went on a college tour the guy talking about the journalism program was the most boring guy in the whole entire world, my mom was texting me how much she wanted to leave the room, all I wanted was for this man to stop talking about communications.

I think the reason I wanted to stick with journalism was of how much fun Donald Johnson and everyone on staff made class every single day. My favorite part of school was going to Echo, even when we were on a deadline and everyone was freaking out for an hour straight.

I loved writing stories about Webster and all the cute (and not cute) things that Webster does from the devious licks…, to protests and walkouts, the fashion choices, all of our sports wins, and the little mono outbreak moment.

I’m happy with my time at Webster, and I don’t think I would have been without all of my experiences and people I met because of Echo.

Photos provided by Izzy Poole


Izzy Poole – Print Editor

This will be Izzy Poole’s second year on ECHO staff. They were Business Manager their junior year and made several contributions while taking journalism class their sophomore year.

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