Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria continues to be worth the price

Arianna Peper
Contributing Writer

katies pizza
Decorated Christmas trees adorn the front of Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria at 9568 Manchester Rd. Rock Hill in front of the outdoor seating area. Photo by Arianna Peper

Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria, located on 9568 Manchester Rd. in Rock Hill, has always been a place well known to those who adore the menu ranging from pastas, pizzas, salads and more.

Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria offers several methods of dining that can allow customers to have their own personal preferences. Whether someone wants to dine at the restaurant by walking in or reserving a spot or to have curbside pick-up the option is there.

The venue’s charm is clearly present with its festive ambiance. Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria has golden twinkling lights overhead the lit candles on each table. In front of the restaurant, there are trees decorated with colorful lights for the holidays. To make the restaurant have even more comfort there is a heated enclosed outdoor seating which allows guests to enjoy the outdoors without the weather preventing it.

Based on the number of patrons, the area has a lot of people who particularly enjoy the restaurant; however if there was one thing it could specifically change about the scenery, it would be the volume of the music which distracts from conversation.

The staff is very polite and ensures those who sit at the restaurant have enough to eat and drink. The menu and foods themselves are quite nice not only by allowing consumers a variety of choices but also with the care in each dish making it worth the money.

The restaurant ranged from many dishes each with its own special flavor. A group of five can eat the Roasted Chicken Pizza, a Kid’s Pepperoni Pizza, and three Fiori Arrabiata Pastas for about $122.

The Fiori Arrabiata is a dish with Katie’s signature Fiori noodles with an Arrabbiata tomato sauce and some arugula to add to the flavor. Though the food was good, the word “Arrabiata” is Italian which means “angry” and is typically used to describe a spicy pasta sauce, and although the dish had a good flavor it could use some more spice behind it.

Overall the restaurant possesses a promising future of keeping the good quality meals and service that it has continually provided to customers since 2008.

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