Seniors nominated for Webster Royals

Ellie Halls
Contributing Writer

One ongoing Webster Groves and Kirkwood tradition is the Friendship Dance. Each year, a Friendship Court is nominated by teams and clubs to be chosen as a Webster Royal.

Friendship Court is a group of Webster students nominated by their peers to be a possible Webster Royal. Fall sports teams and student clubs are asked to nominate one to two people from their group or team. At the dance, whether it’s at Kirkwood or Webster, two students from the court are voted for and crowned.

Senior Olivia Hager was nominated by the yearbook club this year. Senior Bella Legrand voted for her because “In regards to yearbook she really puts in the effort, and she really loves yearbook and represents the school well. As a person, she is one of the biggest beams of school spirit and such a bubbly spirit to have around the school.”

In previous years, Friendship King and Queen were crowned instead of Webster Royals. The last year this was done was 2019. Last year, the student council introduced Webster Royals so that any person, no matter their gender or identity, could take home the crown.

Senior Ella McIlroy said, “It’s a good switch as it opens up the opportunity for everyone to feel included, regardless of how they identify.” The two students with the most votes, despite their gender, are crowned.

The Friendship Dance is shared with Kirkwood High School. As Webster crowns Royals, Kirkwood does it a different way. A list of senior students from each fall sport is sent to the student body.

Kirkwood senior Liv Timp said, “They announce the nominees based on which eight boys and eight girls receive the most votes.” At the dance, Kirkwood crowns King and Queen. Although differently from Webster, Kirkwood still follows the King and Queen tradition.

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