Exchange student adjusts to American life

Maren DeMargel
Social Media Manager

Senior Dani Llompart poses for a photo outside his Foods and Nutrition class. Photo by Maren DeMargel

Senior exchange student Dani Llompart decided to come to the United States for a shift in perspective.

“[I came] for a different experience. I wanted to change, a little bit, my view of everything,” Llompart said.

Originally from Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain, Llompart is adjusting to a new culture, halfway around the world.

“I’m in a different family, and they have different roles and different things to do. Things like a different type of life,” Llompart said of his host family.

Before traveling to Webster, Llompart had heard stereotypes about life in the U.S.

“The food. [I heard] that all the food is fast food,” Llompart said. While Llompart has found this stereotype to be false, he still prefers Spanish dishes to American cuisine.

Llompart had also heard stereotypes about American people. This time, though, these stereotypes were true.

“[I heard] maybe that people are so good. They are so comfortable to talk to, and it’s real.”

This stereotype was so true, that, according to Llompart, the people are the best part about life in Webster Groves.

“It’s so different than in Spain,” Llompart said. “It’s so good, and so easy to talk with the people.”

“First of all, I want to say that I love having Dani in class. One of the things that has stuck out to me is how the other students in Advisory and Psychology have gone out of their way to help Dani when he needs it. I think he has adjusted very well because of that.” Patrick Rocco, Llompart’s Advisory and Psychology teacher.

“Dani is very hard working and friendly in class. He is always quick to ask any question that he might have and does an excellent job of advocating for himself. Dani took to America and WGHS like a fish to water- which is not surprising as he swims like one. He gets up early every morning to swim with the team, so he is ready to relax a bit in hour one.” Richelle Stange, Llompart’s English as a Second Language teacher.


Maren DeMargel – Social Media Manager

This will be Maren DeMargel’s second year on ECHO staff. She was Podcast Editor her junior year, and she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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