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Lydia Urice

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Students enjoy Prom 2018 at Union Station. Photo by Trinity Madison.

Prom cost $29,156.24. That’s not including the tip for the DJ or the payment for two School Resource Officers (SROs).

Divided between the 377 students, the cost should be $77.38 per person. Tickets sold for only $75. That’s $897.26 not paid for by ticket sales.

Paying for prom in past years has been divided between the senior account and ticket sales, according to Coach Cliff Ice. “The student council overall is going to pay that $800-ish for us,” Ice said. Student Council (STUCO) is responsible for planning the prom.

“Basically every year, the class officers of that particular class plan prom their junior year. They go through a process where they research sites, visit them, select a few,” Ice said in reference to how Union Station was selected as this year’s prom venue.

STUCO advisor Lauren Maedge referred to this year’s dance as a “leftover prom.”

“In 2019 the Class of 2020 picked that [Union Station] as their prom site. They didn’t get to have prom because of COVID,” Ice said.

Due to COVID-related city and county guidelines, the Class of 2021 needed an outdoor venue for their prom, prompting them to use Busch Stadium.

Because of this, the class of 2020s $2000 deposit still stood, the school choose to host this year’s prom at Union Station.

“Union station is a little bit more expensive than other venues overall. The price of food per person is higher; it was $50 per person. And the room rental of the grand hall was $3,000 and then you have taxes and service fees,” Ice said.

Regardless of the higher costs and hand-me-down venue, STUCO senior class advisor Rachel Huertas has high hopes for this year’s experience.

“I hope seniors can come away from this night with a wonderful memory of their time at WGHS, especially since the last two years have been so hard on everyone,” Huertas said via email.

Lydia Urice – Junior Editor

This will be Lydia Urice’s second year on ECHO staff.  Last year, she was podcast editor, and this year she is junior editor.


Maren DeMargel – Podcast Editor

This will be Maren DeMargel’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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