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Jackson Parks

Ava Musgraves
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page1415If you all are familiar with the concept of a collab, that’s what this is. The senior editors of the Echo are back this time with the “In’s and Out’s of 2022.” 

The last time we did this we talked about CreepyWorld and Jackson throwing up in a QT bathroom, so this will be a very different story. You could almost call this a sister story to Ava’s or Jackson’s column this month, except this isn’t just predicting what clothes will be “in” this year or what new movie to watch; this will be reviewing everything and anything. 

First to describe our process of deciding how something can be “In” or “Out.” As Ava explained in her column this month, fashion trends are constantly circulating and on a broader scale certain aesthetics. For example, Uggs and loungewear have become very on trend in the past years due to the pandemic and more time being spent at home, but a couple years ago Uggs and loungewear were not on trend.

Anything can be “in,” and anything can be “out.” It’s a constantly changing and evolving cycle that we, of course, get to dictate, and yes, we know we come off as complete narcissists in this, but who says narcissism isn’t in?

*Queue the eyerolls*

In: Lululemon Belt Bags

For starters, Lululemon “belt bags” and fanny packs are in, specifically the “Everywhere Belt Bag.” They’re so in. They have honestly probably always been in, but 2022 is their year. They’re cute, they’re compact, they’re fashionable (but not too much of a statement). Adding to their in-factor is their convenience. They can be used as wallets, purses, clutches, fanny packs, crossbody bags and more. 

They’re $38, which by Lululemon standards is a steal. For something to be in, it does come at a cost. Jackson has a light gray bag, and Ava has a blush pink one. Twinning your Lululemon belt bag with your friend is the most in.

Out: (Most) High School Relationships

We have all seen that couple in the hallway. Holding hands, carrying each other’s books, longing looks across the room. I know, gag me with a spoon. Most of the time, these “high school sweethearts” end up sending a break up text one month into college, so stressing over immature highschool boys and relationships is SO out. Waiting for a text back, sitting home on a friday night while he is “out with the boys” and canceling on you at the last minute is totally not something we are wasting our time on this year. 

Obviously, we are being a little cynical because not every teenage relationship is toxic, but the toxic ones are out. You don’t want to look back on all your pictures from high school and have to cut a boy out of your prom pictures because the relationship ended badly. Taking your best friend to prom is so in! By the way, what color should Jackson and Ava wear to prom together? They need suggestions. 

In: Acting like you’re in a TV Show

Acting like you’re in a TV show–specifically a teen drama set in a small town–is very in this school year. Rationalize poor choices, inconveniences or drama as “storylines” in your life or your show’s current season. What’s a show about high school without a little fun drama? 

Having really deep conversations in the halls with your friend during passing periods, having impromptu musical numbers (or even themed episodes), having drama or events become “cliffhangers” for your episodes: it’s just all so in. In all honesty, it really adds some much-needed fun to life that only a soapy CW drama can provide. As cringeworthy as it sounds, you are the main character of your life, so be it!

In: Brandy Melville

On theme with Ava’s fashion trend-centered column this month, a certain brand is in this year: Brandy Melville. If you’re aware of “Brandy” and its clothes, you probably know how basic they are; that’s exactly why it’s in. Their clothes are so comfortable, not too expensive and the sizing is marketed to all (that’s a whole other topic). 

The sweaters and sweatshirts are some of the most in items Brandy carries. You might just catch Jackson in one of his “Brianna Cotton Thick Stripe Sweaters” — one of which he often twins with Ava. The comfort, muted colors and seasonal looks really give Brandy that in-factor for 2022.

In: Leaving your small town behind for the big city

Webster Groves at its core is a perfect representation of what a small town looks like. A bubble from the outside world, pretty houses with manicured lawns, and a facebook page for all the moms to complain about the “hooligan” teenagers on. 

As seniors, Jackson and Ava are so ready to step out of the suffocating rains a high school in a small town provides and into a new stage — college in a big city. Dropping everything and running away to Chicago and New York is SO in. Your favorite sassy duo Rachel and Kurt did it (from Fox hit TV show “Glee”), so shouldn’t you expect the same from your favorite WGHS duo? 

Out: WGHS Lunch and Schedule

Something that’s always been out and is in desperate need of an overdue revamping: lunch at WGHS. Simply put, lunch is too short. Especially for juniors and seniors who are encouraged to leave campus for lunch, the twenty seven minutes we’re given has never sufficed. Being late to your fifth hour after lunch is such a norm for us at this point — maybe it’s in? Still, lunch is not long enough. 

Students really need time to just breathe and be away from a classroom environment. The stress that comes with the average school day and the hectic, notoriously always-changing schedule (that’s not in at all) should at least allow for students to have more time to themselves and to just eat and socialize. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the underclassmen who have to bear this next school year. Hopefully, the administration will take note of how out their schedule and lunch is.

Out: Malls

As surprising as it may sound, malls are out. They’re dying for a reason. Malls were sort of in during middle school, when you would ask your parents for money and the mall was somewhat of a social haven for pre-teens. Now, in high school and with a full shopping cart in our phones, it’s safe to say malls are out

They’re also out of everything, including good stores and restaurants in the food court now. Online shopping from the comfort of your home or thrifting are in. Get with the new wave of shopping and ignorantly supporting capitalism!

Out: Dunkin

Dunkin is so out. Jackson worked there and basically managed the Rock Hill location from the start of quarantine until the beginning of his junior year and has plenty of crazy stories from his time there, but pretty much anyone with taste buds can determine that Dunkin is out

Whether it be the looming shadow of Starbucks and pretty much any other breakfast-coffee place, Dunkin will never live up to the hype that Tik Tok star Charli Damelio gave it for some reason.

In: “Reputation Eras”

If you have ever heard of a “Reputation Era,” our queen Taylor Swift herself coined the term. When Swift dropped her album “Reputation,” she became silent on social media and completely revamped her look from just an innocent pop country star to a total girl boss, so this total revamp is totally in. Deleting your social media accounts, and spending more time completely on self care are just a few examples of how to enter your own “Reputation Era.” Ava encapsulates her Reputation Era by journaling every day, deleting snapchat, and going on runs. Jackson just ghosts people without explanation and says he’s entering his “villain arc” after any minor inconvenience.

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Ava Musgraves – Print Editor

This will be Ava Musgraves’ first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

Jackson Parks – Editor-in-Chief

This will be Jackson Parks’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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