Update: Coffee shop changes in the new year

Update: WGHS Coffee Shop will now reopen on Feb 1.

Riley Fitzgerald
Contributing Writer

coffee shop spill
Students stand in line for coffee before school. The coffee shop is open until 9:15 a.m. every morning. Photo by Lydia Urice

WGHS Coffee Shop will remain closed until Jan. 18, and will be experiencing changes this semester, such as efforts to be more environmentally aware and a 50 cent price increase. increasing prices by 50 cents. 

Thursday, Dec. 20, there was an announcement that the coffee shop would be experiencing changes come the new year. Due to increasing prices of shipping and product cost, beverage prices will rise by 50 cents. Also expressed was the effort to become more environmentally friendly; students and staff who bring in their own clean cups will get 50 cents taken off their purchase. 

Staff asks students to be more aware of their waste and help keep the school neat by cleaning up after using the coffee cart. Examples include throwing away any trash, cleaning up any messes and putting away any sugar, creamer etc. when done to keep the school cleaner during second semester.

While COVID is surging through the community and students and staff continue to be stuck at home, the coffee shop will remain closed until Jan. 18 due to the lack of staff available to work. 

Debbie Phillips, an organizer of the coffee shop said via email, “We hope to be back open on the 18th, due to our current staffing shortage and high COVID increase.”

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