Annual Winter Formal cancelled

Samantha Klein
Contributing Writer

Attendees crowd together at 2020’s Winter Formal in Roberts Gym on Jan. 25. This year the Winter Formal is one of the activities cancelled to COVID-19 concerns. Photo by Lydia Urice

Webster’s annual Winter Formal has been canceled due to the current Omicron variant surge. 

The dance was scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 29,  from 7-9 p.m. in Roberts Gym. The administration made the choice considering the number of people that have been affected by the recent surge and the dangers of packing students into the gym.

About how she felt about the cancellation, Class of 2002 alumna Shannon Daniel said, “It’s a bummer for all of- not just for seniors, but even for the freshman because we want you guys to have fun.” Daniel reflected on her experiences at the Winter Formal: dancing, wearing red as a theme and the cold weather outside the gym. 

Activities director Jerry Collins gave insight into what the thought process was behind cancelling the dance. The conversation started back in November after the Friendship Dance, but administration was waiting to see where things went with COVID. About the cancellation, Collins said, “Dr. Irvin stressed that we needed to consider the same factors we considered when hosting the Friendship Dance.” 

Those factors are masking, spacing and outside. With the winter weather, it was clear outdoors was not an option and spacing in the gym would not be possible. 

Student Council Historian Rebecca Fairbanks said, “I was excited, but I was also- that was like before the surge of cases and before they did the new lunch, and it kind of like hit me that maybe this wasn’t the best idea,” about how she was feeling prior to the cancellation. 

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