St. Louis venues offer gluten-free cuisine

Riley Fitzgerald
Contributing Writer

Good gluten free food can be exceptionally hard to find when trying to eat out, grocery shop, or even find a sweet treat, although St. Louis does have a lot of places that accommodate the gluten free community.

Britt’s Bakehouse in Kirkwood has a huge selection of different types of pastries, bread and desserts etc. it has things such as cupcakes, scones, gooey butter cakes, personalized cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and fresh baked bread.

Britt’s is an all gluten free bakery, although it also has a lot of other allergy friendly items that include items that are dairy free. It is hard to tell a distinct difference between these totally gluten free baked goods from ones that are not gluten free.

While most of the items are on the pricey side for what is being bought, for example a half a dozen cupcakes is 18 dollars which averages out to about three dollars per cupcake, and half a dozen chocolate chip cookies is 10 dollars and 50 cents averaging out to about 1 dollar and 75 cents per cookie, although it is a good place when looking for a treat.

When going grocery shopping and in need of snacks and things for meal preparations at home, a great place to go is Trader Joes. It is a nationwide grocery store chain but there are several locations here in St. Louis.

Unlike a lot of other places to shop in the area, Trader Joes has lots of options when it comes to finding safe gluten free food. It has clearly labeled sections and packages.

Gluten free food in general tends to be on the expensive side. At Trader Joes a gluten free frozen pizza is four dollars and 99 cents, and a bag of kettle corn is two dollars and 49 cents so when thinking about budget or cost Trader Joes has considerably better prices compared to a lot of other places to find it.

Restaurants are probably one of the hardest parts of being gluten free, and it is so important to find places that are safe and will pay close attention to how they are preparing the food and what goes into it.

The Shack is a local restaurant with locations in Creve Coeur, Frontenac and a few others. It is a very safe option, with its separate kitchens for the gluten free menu.

The Shack also owns two other locally owned restaurants, The Tavern and The Corner Pub and Grill. These are equally safe, and they take many precautions. These restaurants have a large menu to choose from and good quality food along with decent prices.

When looking for places to eat in St. Louis that are safe and gluten free, consider these places.

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