Ava’s Anecdotes: Can classic winter cookies be made vegan?

Ava Musgraves
Print Editor

Photo used with permission from Sara @ Gathering Dreams

Winter calls for many things: watching cheesy Hallmark movies, listening to Mariah Carey on repeat and baking cookies. Possibly, vegan cookies.

As much as I love all of those activities, baking “takes the cake.” Ever since I was a kid, I loved whipping up various batches of cookies to wrap in cute little tins to give to all my friends. Over the years, the cookies got better, and the recipes more complicated. Thankfully I’ve graduated from Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and Christmas tree cookie cutters. 

This year I’ve decided to make it the most complicated for myself yet. Throughout 2020 and 2021 I have been attempting to uphold a mostly plant based diet (I can handle being pescatarian, but we live in Saint Louis I could not give up the occasional Ted Drewes), so when I bake I most of the time try to keep the recipes vegan friendly. 

I am going to attempt to follow this principle I have held for myself with my Christmas cookies this year, but the challenge will be convincing my friends the cookies are just as good as if they were made with real butter and eggs. 

The classic recipe I tried to recreate to give to my friends as Christmas gifts (risky, I know), was chocolate amaretti cookies. The recipe is entirely vegan and gluten free as it does not contain eggs or flour, in its place it calls for flax eggs and almond flour. 

The cookies were nowhere near complicated to make, the most complicated or unfamiliar part was creating the flax egg which turned out to be quite simple as well. This recipe is perfect for those wanting to branch out and try vegan recipes but still want something simple. 

When gifting the cookies to my friends, I got all the normal responses for when I gift a baked good. “Ava, this was amazing!” or “Ava, you’ve outdone yourself!”, but this time it was followed by me responding that the cookies were entirely vegan and gluten free and their faces lighting up in complete shock. 

It is completely possible to create yummy Christmas-esque cookies for the holiday season to gift to friends and family, but these cookies are perfect for all year round. The recipe can be found at the blog Gathering Dreams in the article “25 Irresistible Vegan Christmas Cookies.”

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Ava Musgraves – Print Editor

This will be Ava Musgraves’ first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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