Print Version: WG ECHO November 2021 Issue

This is the third issue of the 107th year of the ECHO.

Contents include:

  • Musical artists capture autumn’s essence
  • Students, teachers express opinions about schedule
  • Students create change with putt-putt event
  • Rally held at Planned Parenthood
  • History in Action club presents Model U.N.
  • Fall Fashion: what’s in and what’s out?
  • Webster takes Turkey Day field with interim head coach
  • Cheer captains express excitement for Turkey Day
  • Taylor Swift re-releases, remembers ‘RED’ all too well
  • Lana Del Rey returns with 2nd album of 2021
  • Former football coach focuses on family
  • Field hockey team reflects on end of season
  • Men’s soccer team recovers from playoff run
  • When is right time for holiday music?

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