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Dakota Motley
Contributing Writer

Cassie Aschinger, counselor, visits Pasadena California with her family. Aschinger is originally from California, and she visits the state almost every year. In Pasadena, Huntington Gardens opens its doors to allow visitors to view its garden. Photo from Cassie Aschinger

Counselor Cassie Aschinger was 22 years old when she decided to move across the country to start a life with her boyfriend.

Aschinger was finishing up her first year of teaching when she moved to San Fransisco to start living with her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years.

Later, she ended up marrying him and they’ve been together for 14 years now.

Aschinger also has a three-year-old boy named Dean. Her son is obsessed with cars and trucks, typical little boy things. Aschinger wants a big family, but for now she is happy with the family she has.

Aschinger’s favorite place to travel was Southern plantation homes because they hold so much history. Another place she loved going to was northern California’s wine country in the fall. She would love to travel more, but she is a very cautious person who tends to stay within the boundaries of her anxiety and stress.

Aschinger said the most adventurous thing she has ever done was belly dance classes, and she would do them again if she had the chance because she really enjoyed them and had a lot of fun.

Other than traveling Aschinger loves reading and jigsaw puzzles. She would also like to learn pottery.

Aschinger used to be an AP English teacher when she lived in California. She’s worked in education for 16 years and has been a counselor for nine of them. In California she worked at Cornerstone Academy and St. Mary’s College High School in the Bay Area for three years, and St. Anthony High School and La Salle College Preparatory in southern California for 12 years.

Aschinger loves her job, but she felt restricted only working in English, so she switched to counseling.

“I’m lucky to have figured out what I wanted to do so early,” Aschinger said. She figured out that she wanted to work with teens during her freshman year of high school.

When Aschinger was young, she wanted to work at Target because she thought she would get to play with the toys there. Once she got older, she wanted to work at Disneyland. She likes to see people happy, and if she had to choose something other than working in education, that’s what she’d be doing. In St. Louis she would work at either the Zoo or Grant’s Farm, something that involves talking to people.

One of Aschinger’s favorite quotes is from Hermann Melville’s short story “Bartleby the Scrivener.”

The quote is “I prefer not to.” Aschinger likes this quote because “humans have a tendency to say yes all the time,” Aschinger said, adding “Society makes us feel like we can’t say, “No.’” When reading the quote, it makes her feel like she can say, “No,” no matter what she’s saying no to.

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