Drama department announces fall play

Owen Crews
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Cast members of “10 ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” display their talents on Nov. 20-22, 2014, in the Little Theater. Having a cast of 15, there are five zombies, eight survivalists and two narrators accounting the scenarios from start to finish. Photo from Echo Archives

Drama department will perform “10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse” by Don Zolidis in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium Oct. 28-30, at 7 p.m.

This play teaches the audience how to survive the zombie apocalypse using narrators and teenagers who run the lesson. The play is a comedy with speaking performances from sophomore Teddy Woldow, freshman Colette Giezentanner, junior Xavier Jurotich, freshman George Lemkey, sophomore Ciana Jackson and freshman Madeline Gibson. It takes place on a street and has the stylistic background of a street that is undergoing the zombie apocalypse.

The play was chosen because of how easy it was and how inexpensive it is to produce. According to Todd Schaefer, drama teacher, it was a choice based on money. When COVID hit, it really affected the drama department, and the department needed a play that was not hard to create within a tighter budget.

Woldow said, “I think it’s really cool… I get to be in tech theater, which is the class I’m in right now, and I also get to be working in the play because I get every aspect of the set and of the acting.”

Woldow added, “I think it’s great that everybody who auditioned gets to be a zombie in the play if they don’t get a speaking role. Overall it’s been a lot of fun.”
Senior Aiden Owens said, “Um, it’s a little chaotic, but it is very fun. Right now it’s hard to remember when to zombie around in what spot.”

Owens added, “I just really like acting, and also it was originally going to be ‘Dracula,’” about why he signed up.

Schaefer said, “It was one of our most successful shows when we did it last, and that was last in the Little Theater. We did it last time in a smaller place and now doing it in a bigger place.”

Schaefer added, “Everybody who auditioned really got to be a part of it because we have a huge group of zombies. If you auditioned, you could be a zombie.”


Owen Crews

This will be Owen Crews’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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