Senior to study business at HBCU

Ben Miller
Contributing Writer

Senior Anthony Phiffer is an Eagle Award nominee. He plans to study business at a Historical Black College. Photo from Anthony Phiffer

If any word could describe Anthony Phiffer, it would be “leader.” Whether it be in the classroom or on the basketball court, he has demonstrated leadership to fellow students, teachers and coaches.

A prominent figure in the senior class of 2021, Phiffer credits much of his success to his involvement throughout his four years at Webster.

Phiffer said, “I just went with the flow. I always tried to be involved in everything I did. Because I learned that the only way to learn was to make mistakes and take risks. You can’t succeed if you don’t fail a few times.” Phiffer’s willingness to try new things is just one example of something that made him stand out to classmates.

This involvement made him noticed by teachers, too. While Phiffer said he didn’t have a favorite subject in high school, a variety of former teachers did respond with glowing stamps of approval.

English teacher Melissa Rainey said, “Anthony. I just love him. I mean, who doesn’t? He has a kind of quiet intelligence and thoughtfulness that, I think, make for an exceptional person. He’s unique in that way and in the way he sees the world.”

Social worker Ann Gibbs had similarly positive words to share about Phiffer. In fact, Gibbs said in an email, “Anthony shines in all that he does! He is tenacious and always works hard. He handles himself with grace and humility and is kind to everyone. These qualities have developed him into a quiet leader whom others respect and admire.”

Admiration from others is a quality that Phiffer certainly possesses, and as he graduates he leaves a large legacy, as well as plenty of advice for current WGHS students.

Speaking directly to Webster students, he said, “Take advantage of every disadvantage you have. Go out and be a teenager. get involved with something new everyday. Don’t be scared or anything to explore life.”

After Phiffer graduates, he will attend an HBCU and intends to pursue a business-related major.

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