Senior wants to make medical care equitable

Maeve Taylor
Print Editor

Senior Kolby Cunningham is an Eagle Award nominee and graduate of the UMSL Bridge College Preparatory Program. Photo from Kolby Cunningham

Senior and Eagle Award nominee Kolby Cunningham is known for the positive impact she makes on others.

Science teacher Mebbie Lansness, whom Kolby named as a teacher impactful to her high school experience, said, “Kolby is amazing! She is always a positive force in a room. She is a presence that is immediately noticed due to the thoughtful way she carries a conversation and the kindness that she exudes.”

“She is always willing to help – giving her time and talents to others. She is intelligent and kind. She is dependable and positive. In short, she is an amazing individual!” Landsness said.

In school, Cunningham is involved in STUCO, yearbook club and marching band. She was also in Girl Scouts and was awarded with the Bronze and Silver Awards, and was manager of the women’s soccer team for one year.

Cunningham was also one of the students selected to participate in UMSL Bridge College Preparatory Program.

Regarding her favorite high school memory, Cunningham said, “My favorite memory from high school is when the Webster Challenge Club went on a college tour to Atlanta, GA, on Spring Break. We just really had a great time, and this trip really made me look forward to attending college.”

In the fall, Cunningham is off to Alabama A&M, planning to major in biology and minor in psychology. Then, Cunningham plans to go to medical school to become an obstetrician, with the goal of “focusing on equitable care for women of color.”

Of her overall experience at WGHS, Cunningham said, “I have made a lot of good friends and memories at WGHS. It means a lot to me to graduate from a school where so many of my family members have graduated from as well. I am now officially a WGHS Alumni!”

“What an amazing student to highlight – and so deserving. I can’t wait to see how she changes the world!” Landsness said.

Maeve Taylor – Print Editor

This is Maeve Taylor’s second year on the Echo as the podcast editor, after making several contributions to the Echo while taking journalism her freshman year.

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