School announces next year’s schedule

Calvin Lescher
Staff Writer

2021 Schedule
Graphic from Dr. Matt Irvin

Next year’s schedule has been announced and will be a block schedule hybrid.

It is subject to change depending on the coronavirus, but the administration has an idea of what it will probably look like.

There will be A Days, B Days and C Days.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday are A Days. A Days will have all the classes for about 51 minutes.

Wednesday will be the B Day, and Thursday will be the C Day.

The B and C Days will have 93 minute periods; however, there will be fewer classes.

B days will have the odd number classes 1, 3, 5 and 7, and C days will have even number classes 2, 4 and 6. C days will also have the Advisory Period and the Academic Networking.

According to the “Notes From Dr. Irvin,” the Advisory Period will be a time when a group of students will meet with a specific faculty member to work on academic work or seek academic assistance. .

The Academic Networking will be used for students to catch up on missing work such as homework or tests. It can also be used to get some help on assignments.

Masks will almost certainly still be very prevalent in school. The administration does have plans for if COVID gets worse. Students will still have the option of doing virtual.

The administration is identifying gaps and trying its best to plan, Irvin said. However it can be difficult with how many diverse classes there are depending on level, interests and other factors.

The main goal is to make sure students are safe and educated. There will be seven classes again.

“We are very grateful for the flexibility that the students and teachers have given us under the circumstances,” Dr. Matt Irvin said.

The administration is trying to learn from this and last year as well as other schools to see what was effective vs what wasn’t. It still hasn’t decided if the drinking fountains will be open for next year.

The administration is still sorting through lunch, but A days should be relatively the same for how it used to be, but B and C will look different. It is considering splitting the lunch across multiple periods like other schools have done. It will be very dependent on the specific student’s classes.

Calvin Lescher – Staff Writer

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