Science teacher steps in to teach AP Chemistry class

Maren DeMargel
Contributing Writer

Science teacher Mebbie Landsness enjoys her skeleton as company during her fourth hour planning period. Photo by Zeke La Mantia

Science teacher Mebbie Landsness has worked at Webster Groves High School for four years, and this year, she has been given a new opportunity.

When AP Chemistry teacher Dr. Lisa Sylvester had to leave to help the Army Reserves with its COVID-19 response, Landsness was excited to step in and teach the class she left behind.

“AP Chemistry is such a unique challenge. It’s really fast paced and high level, and I love seeing students rise to that challenge,” Landsness said via email.

Normally, Landsness teaches courses in forensic science and sophomore chemistry. Even though she hasn’t taught AP Chemistry in a while, she feels ready to take on the challenge.

“My Master’s degree was in physical chemistry so it’s nice to get back in the higher level chemistry game,” Landsness said via email.

Even though Landsness is excited for this new role, there are still challenges associated with it.

“I think the speed with which we have to move through the curriculum, especially in our current schedule, is the most challenging, but I love that the students have been so ready and willing to go through this challenge with me. They really are the best!” Landsness said via email.

Even though this transition has been a challenge, Landsness’s students speak very highly of her and her teaching abilities.

“She handled the transition with grace and balanced her classes amazingly. She always finds time to put us first as students and dedicates so much effort to our class. She is literally the only reason I’m still in the class. She is brilliant,” AP Chemistry student Ivy Clark said via direct message.

Landsness is grateful for the support she has received from her students and the science department.

“We are all working hard to make this transition something that is smooth and beneficial for students, and I couldn’t be luckier to work with this awesome group of staff and students!” Landsness said via email.

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