News Brief: Prom to take place at Busch Stadium

Prom is to take place on Saturday, April 17, at Busch Stadium from 7 to 9 p.m.

Tickets for prom are $35 per person and available through HomeTown Ticketing.

The announcement for the event comes after a very intensive process with health officials and the board.

“Approval. . . from the St. Louis City Health Department and St. Louis County Health Department were quite intensive. That being said, we have received approval from both the City and County Health Departments to launch a safe, exciting event and honor the resilience of our Senior Class,” Mickey Erb said via announcement email.

Due to COVID there will be certain restrictions and rules new to this year. Outside guests are not permitted, nor are WGHS students who are not a part of the senior class. Masks will be worn at all times, and no food or drink is permitted.

Because of the shortened time period to purchase prom attire there will only be a semi formal dress code, with the normal dress code being enforced.

Boys are expected to wear a collared shirt or sweater. Blue jeans, T-Shirts and hats not permitted. Head coverings are also restricted unless for medical or religious purposes.

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