Women’s swim team advances further to final 

Kelly Woodyard
Contributing Writer

To get ready for the State meet, swimmers prepare at practice. From left to right: junior Libby Seitz, sophomore Katie Downey, junior Lili Gregov, freshman Karson Bluette, junior Margot Siener, sophomore Ellie Tychonievich (under Siener) and junior Chloe Hagemann go over their starts from the block during practice at Lindbergh High School. Photo by Madeleine Collier

With one of the largest rosters at Webster, the women’s swim team advances to Conference, in hopes to compete in the following State Championship. So far in the regular season, the team has a 5-6-0 team record. 

One of the swim team’s most recent meets took place on Feb. 3, the first of Conference, gaining it a win for the first round of the more competitive meets. Its following meet against Rockwood Summit has been cancelled, entering the team straight to the beginning process of the State meets. 

Some struggles have come up regarding the pandemic that have affected the fluidity of the season, but the swim team was able to overcome most of these obstacles. A lot of these obstacles have made adjusting difficult, throwing off the consistency of past years.

Practice times were changed, getting pushed back, taking place later in the evening rather than directly after school.

“It definitely has been different. At first we were practicing at Lindbergh. Then they didn’t allow us to practice anymore. We didn’t have a pool for two weeks, and then after that we were practicing from 9:15 p.m.  to 10:45 p.m. It was not the best time ever for practice, but everyone did amazing adjusting to the weird schedule,” senior Madeleine Collier said. 

With a lot of its meets getting cancelled, much like other high school sports teams, the swim team’s season was compressed into fewer meets, yet it has had a positive outcome according to the swimmers. 

“Despite all of that [the adjustments], the team has been doing amazing competition wise,” Collier said.  

The State meet for women’s swim is planned to take place on Feb. 20, at the St. Peters Recreation Plex.


Kelly Woodyard – Staff Writer

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