Reporter compares St. Louis chocolate-covered strawberries

St. Louis venues offer chocolate covered strawberries for connoisseurs of the treats. Pictured are two from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate offers and a box of six from Straub’s.  Photos by Calvin Lescher

Calvin Lescher
Staff Writer

Chocolate covered strawberries are popular near Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate covered strawberries can be made at home, but several places around Webster do sell chocolate strawberries.

One place that sells them is Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.

“The chocolate taste was so distinctive, exactly like those giant hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. It’s also nice to have a handle like the lettuce bit of the chocolate strawberries, but Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate removes that bit,” sophomore Arctic Grosvenor said.

Homemade chocolate strawberries may have a lower quality of chocolate since Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate makes its own chocolate. However the strawberries can be better depending on the brand that is bought. 

Overall there is a lot more variety for homemade ones, because the brand of chocolate can also be chosen so if milk chocolate isn’t wanted than it can be exchanged for a darker chocolate. However homemade chocolate covered strawberries tend to have less thick and more crumbly chocolate as well as they are more dependent on the quality of ingredients that are bought.

The third type of chocolate covered strawberries that was tried are the ones that Straub’s sell. The strawberries are definitely the biggest; however, the strawberries themselves did not have much flavor. The chocolate was also a little crumbly, but a little less than the homemade ones.

The Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate was about $2.05 for one chocolate strawberry, and the Straub’s ones cost $20 for a box of six chocolate covered strawberries.

The homemade ones a bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips costs about $12 and a box of strawberries costs about $2 to $5, but several chocolate strawberries can be made depending on how many strawberries were bought. There will be leftover chocolate chips.

Calvin Lescher – Staff Writer

This will be Calvin Lescher’s first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year. He is excited to meet and interview interesting people. He hopes to make a positive contribution to the Echo.


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