Anticipations raise spirits for staff, students

Snowfall on Wednesday, Jan. 29, made for some peaceful and picturesque scenes. Several people have expressed that snow was one of the things they looked forward to for raising spirits. Social studies teacher Alison Bryar said, “I look forward to our first real snow of the season. My puppy has not seen snow yet. I can’t wait to see her romp around in it!”  Photos by Kimmy Dang and Lydia Urice

Jackson Parks
Junior Editor

In the height of a pandemic and the midst of winter, it’s easy to become sad. In an effort to raise their spirits, the students and staff share what they’re looking forward to most.

Social studies teacher Alison Bryar shared what she was looking forward to most.

For her future interests, Bryar said, “Long term I look forward to visiting Chicago family again. It has now been a year since we have been able to travel there, and my husband and I really miss them.”

However, for her near future, Bryar said, “Short term I look forward to our first real snow of the season. My puppy has not seen snow yet. I can’t wait to see her romp around in it!”

In a similar theme, English teacher Melissa Rainey shared her excitement for the possibility of winter weather too.

“I am looking forward to the snow: the way it looks, the way the world gets so quiet, the different birds you notice when everything is white, and, of course, more fires in our fireplace, more warm jammies, and the clear blue skies you only see in winter,” Rainey said.

Junior Lillie Torbit shared her hopes and excitement for the future as well.

“I am looking forward to hopefully hanging out with my friends again without having to worry about COVID-19 restrictions. I’m hopeful that by the end of the year everything will be somewhat back to normal, and I can see my family, friends, and classmates again.”

Torbit reflected on the past year, “This past year has been so unexpected and overwhelming, that I can only hope that 2021 will be somewhat better so that we can all be together again.”

Junior Izzy Gunning shared her hopes for this year.

“I am looking forward to the end of my junior year and spring break. I’m also looking forward to the fact that things are somewhat looking up since there are vaccines slowly getting out now,” Gunning said.

While most look forward to a world without COVID-19, some might hope for excitement this year.

Junior Olivia Nennert shared, “I’m most looking forward to when the Coronavirus is under control, so that I can go see the Harry Styles concert in the fall with my friends.”

Junior Zoe Rush said, “I’m excited for junior year to be over and then to be a senior. I’m also excited for senior year to be over, so I can get out of high school and study what I want to study.”

Junior Elsie Baker shared what she’s looking forward to as well.

“I’m looking forward to what’s next after COVID-19. Obviously, nothing’s going to go back to ‘completely normal,’ but I’m excited to see how we pull through after the vaccines. I’m also looking forward to the possibility that school will be a little more like it used to be next year, because that’s also something that I miss from pre-COVID,” Baker said.

Reflecting on the past year, Baker continued, “Quarantine has been really tough for a lot of people including myself, because I like to be able to travel, see friends and family, and other stuff like that. I hope that eventually things can be to the point where we can do things like that.”

Similar to the rest of the world, WGHS hopes for somewhat of a return to normalcy this year. Whether it be upcoming events, the summer, or a world without COVID-19, WGHS looks forward to the year ahead of them.


Jackson Parks – Junior Editor

This will be Jackson Parks’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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