News Brief: High school to move to face-to-face instruction

High school plans to move to hybrid method. Freshmen and new students will go back on Nov. 12, and everyone else on Nov. 13.

Students will be split into two groups. A-K will go in the morning from 8:25- 11:25, L-Z will go in the afternoon from 12:25-3:25. The hour in between will be used for cleaning. All students will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks. 

“The decision to return follows guidance from the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidelines, a review of local cases of the virus and its transmission, the continued success of in-person experiences in district schools and workplaces, feedback from families, the success of districts that have returned to in-person classes and advice from public health and medical authorities,” chief communications officer Cathy Vespereny said over email.


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