Seniors share thoughts on upcoming election

Lydia Urice
Podcast Editor

Senior Owen Mitchell poses with a political sign endorsing Joe Biden. Biden was officially named the Democratic candidate on Aug. 18 and 19, during the 2020 Democratic Convention. “I will be voting for Joe Biden,” Mitchell said over email. Photo by Lauren Mitchell.

Americans will vote for their next president on Nov. 3, less than a month away. As the presidential election only takes place every four years, some people will vote for the first time this year.

“I am going to vote in person, and although there are more COVID-related risks, I think it is more reliable and straightforward than mail-in voting,” senior Alex de Foy said over email.

“I plan on voting in the Nov. 3, election in person,” senior Owen Mitchell said over email. “I can’t wait to head to the polls.”

Senior Nick Yusen also plans on voting in person in the election.

“I’m excited to vote,” Yusen said over email.

“I plan to vote in-person for this election,” senior Amelia Griesedieck said over email. “I feel weirdly excited that this is the first election I will be voting in. It is a monumental election that needs as many people, especially young people, voting as it can. It’s exciting to think about hopefully being on a positive side of history.”

“I am encouraging my friends and classmates to vote verbally as well as occasional posts on social media, although many of my peers aren’t old enough to vote yet,” de Foy said over email.

“I’m encouraging any friends my age to vote as well, participating in History Club’s voter registration project, and planning on posting on social media encouraging peers to vote,” Mitchell said over email.

“I encourage people to do their research and recognize the important issues and why this election especially needs as many voters as it can get,” Griesedieck said over email.

“I feel very strongly about who I am voting for in the upcoming election. Personally, my views align with the Democratic party, which is part of the reason I will be voting for Joe Biden, but another big factor in my decision is that I don’t agree with Trump’s beliefs, opinions, actions, policies, or anything he does or stands for, and I think he is unfit to be president and not a good human being and a terrible role model and handled the pandemic badly, among other things,” Mitchell said over email. 

“It is my belief that Donald Trump is an international embarrassment, infinitely more so after his catastrophic handling of the pandemic, and that the fact that people actually support him, make excuses for him, and believe all of his twisted lies shows the failures of the American education system,” de Foy said over email.

“I’m not a huge Joe Biden fan, but I would say that besides his age, he represents the moderate, experienced, and respectful leader that the U.S. is in dire need of,” de Foy said over email.

“I don’t really like either of them, but Biden is for sure a better option,” Yusen said over email.

“I feel more enthusiastic about voting Trump out of office. ‘Settle for Biden’ as they say. I think we need to focus more on voting Trump out and then holding Joe Biden accountable for all he has promised and all he’s done,” Griesedieck said over email.

“I feel extremely excited to vote for the first time in this election. With everything going on in the world right now, exercising our right to vote is more important than ever,” Mitchell said over email.


Lydia Urice – Podcast Editor

This will be Lydia Urice’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her freshman year.


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