Tilles Park to present annual lights show

Sam Hewitt
Contributing Writer

Winter Wonderland, the yearly holiday light spectacle at Tilles Park, will open its doors on Nov. 20, despite the ongoing pandemic. It is expected to have more lights than usual, which may be compensation for the lower turnout.

“It wouldn’t be cancelled; it’s one of the city’s biggest moneymakers,” park ranger Chris Hartig said.

While the five days of walks are all sold out, plenty of drive-through nights are still open to everyone at a cost of $10 per vehicle.

Carriages are still operating, but they have been reduced from 50-person carriages to small families. 

A Sweetheart Carriage, which carries two persons is $55; a Snowflake Carriage, which holds up to six persons is $80; and a Candy Cane Carriage, which holds up to nine persons, is $120. 

Construction has also begun earlier than normal, starting on Sept.15, compared to the 2019 start date of Oct. 5. Several light decorations are already finished, including the main sign, while new shipments of lights are arriving as well. Some decorations have also been seen further away from the main path, indicating that there may be more bonus decorations for the Monday night walkers to look at.

Passerby Judy Fox said of the occasion, “I’m happy with the current arrangement; I do not think it needs to be cancelled.”


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