Mothers offer insight into Halloween creativity

Dria Moore
Contributing Writer

Angel Jackson’s three children model their 2019 Halloween costumes, which Jackson was able to create for under $55.  Photo  by Dria Moore

There’s no need to settle for the high-priced costumes when buying the perfect masterpiece. Halloween is one of the holidays people try to show up the next person with the “better” costume. Some people spend the least on a costume, but the costume looks store-bought. 

Angel Jackson, 32-year-old mother of three, gave some advice about money-saving for costuming her 14, eight and five-year-old children.

Jackson said, “Every year I been spending under $55 since I had more than one kid. It was hard spreading at least a $100 each year, I only did that one year because I couldn’t take it, so I started shopping before Halloween comes so I can try to get the cheapest stuff and just save it for later. Sometimes I shop for everything at Goodwill, but in the last two years, I shopped at Goodwill and Family Dollar. It’s not about being cheap or broke. It’s about living easy on a budget and still counting to make my loves happy.” 

Jackson’s son the youngest was Spiderman for Halloween, and his costume came all from Goodwill for about $10.

Jackson’s second daughter was a  L.O.L doll for Halloween. Jackson said her daughter’s top and the skirt was at Goodwill for about $10, and she got the extra accessories from Family Dollar for under $5. Jackson had something already at the house her daughter throw on for free.

Simoneu Wanger’s two sons model their 2019 Halloween costumes, were purchased at Five Below. Photo by Simoneau Wanger

Jackson’s last daughter was a zombie princess and her whole costume came from Goodwill for $11. Jackson made the strap of body bags herself. She said It took her about 30 minutes to get them ready, and less than a day to make sure the outfits were looking cute and ready to look “like a million dollars baby” as Jackson put it.


There were some problems with one of the Goodwill outfit. She had to sew some holes and a little more cloth on the zombie princess costume. All was well when it came to Oct. 31.

Nijah Shaniece’s three-year-old daughter models a bunny costume, which was bought at Good Store Thrift. Photo by Dria Moore

Jackson gives the outfits a 10/10 except for the zombie princess, only because she said it took her longer to do beings it was some rips.

Simoneau Wanger, a 34-year-old mother of two, gave some advice about money-saving for costuming on her eight-year-old twin sons.

Simoneau said the best advice is “While they are young and they just want a fun looking costume, shop at Five Below. They have a full set costume for $5 or under. The kids don’t know the difference. It definitely breaks and rips way fast, but for a one night and one-time customs you can’t beat that.” Both her sons’ costumes were $5. Wanger didn’t add anything to the costume. She just throws it on her boys and makes their Halloween special.


Nijah Shaniece dressed her three-year-old daughter as a beautiful bunny. Shaniece got her costume from Good Store Thrift in Flordell Hills, Missouri, for$11.

Shaniece said, “I love shopping here. Good Store Thrift is one of my favorite stores to be at. There’s always the cutest outfit there for the holidays. If you don’t want to spend that much money, a thrift store is a place to shop. I love them with all my heart.”


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