Friendship Dance is cancelled

Adrianna Moore
Contributing Writer 

Webster Groves’ Friendship King, Quinton Nehring, and Queen, Lilly Ortinau, are crowned at the annual Kirkwood-Webster Friendship dance at Webster Groves High School Nov. 2, 2019. Photo by Lindsey Bennett

Friendship Dance, which would have taken place Nov. 7, has been cancelled due to concerns about Covid-19. 

This would have been the dance’s 82nd year, and about 2,000 students from Webster Groves and Kirkwood combined attended the dance last year. 

“Unfortunately, we will not have any large gatherings at the high school due to Covid-19 safety protocols, once we get clearance from The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force, we will begin group events again,” assistant activities director Munir Prince said. 

Mike Anderson, senior Daeja Anderson’s father, said, “How are students allowed to go into school to play sports, but not allowed to go learn in the classes and be more involved in the school.”



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