Ivory Crockett Run goes virtual

Izzy Poole
Contributing Writer

Record-setting runner Ivory Crockett signals the beginning of the 2017 race. Photo by Colin Shue

Webster Groves School District Foundation’s Ivory Crockett Run for Webster has gone virtual this year.

Because the run has gone virtual this year the Run for Webster Committee has added more events and fun things to do around Webster.

This year the committee has added scavenger hunts at all the Webster Groves Elementary schools. Teachers will also make surprise visits to the schools during the scavenger hunts. During the hunt the Run for Webster Committee will also hold the annual 100- yard dash. 

The scavenger hunts are a fun way for the families to connect.

“We encourage everyone to get out with their families, the little kids, the adults, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bring the dog, and just explore different parts of Webster,” Becky Hauser, Run for Webster Committee volunteer, said.

Another addition are the Run Bundles, where guests can sign up for a single run, two runs or even unlimited runs.

The Run for Webster Committee also have the Ivory Crocket Challenge Run and many routes that start and stop around the elementary schools.

The Run for Webster Committee has decided to keep the run this year because it is the 17th annual Ivory Crockett Run, and it didn’t want to give up now even though it looks different this year.

The committee wanted to create a new experience even though this year it is virtual. A new run that the committee has wanted to add is Crockett Challenge Run in North Webster, where the Crockett Park is.


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