WGHS alumna returns as assistant principal

Lydia Urice
Podcast Editor

Alumna Maddie Raimondo celebrates graduation in 2004 with then principal Jon Clark. Raimondo will replace Dr. Angela Thompson as assistant principal.  Photo provided by John Raimondo

“My family moved to Webster Groves when I started kindergarten at Clark Elementary,” Madeline Raimondo, soon to be assistant principal at WGHS, said over email.

“My mom worked for Special School District as a teacher, and my dad was a social worker and then an assistant principal,” M. Raimondo said over email.

M. Raimondo’s brother, Vinnie, also works for the district. He’s a teacher at Hixson. They both graduated from Webster Groves High School, Madeline, in 2004, and Vinnie, in 2009.

M. Raimondo participated in three sports throughout high school: softball, basketball, and track, as well as working as editor-in-chief on The Echo.

“I loved being busy and involved when I was in high school. I needed to stay organized and often went to the library in the evening and on the weekend to finish work, especially my junior and senior years. I always felt like my coaches and teachers helped me keep a good balance,” M. Raimondo said over email.

M. Raimondo played softball and basketball both before and after high school.

“Maddie was quite the athlete. She was a sharpshooter on the basketball court and a slap hitter on the softball field,” Vinnie Raimondo said over email.

“The camaraderie of a team and the energy of a game was my favorite part of basketball and softball. Track taught me discipline, and I loved the community of runners because everyone always cheered each other on, even people from other teams,” M. Raimondo said over email.

Vinnie Raimondo is a teacher and basketball coach. He learned most of his basketball skills from M. Raimondo.

“Neither of our parents were into sports, so thankfully my sister played basketball, or I might never have gotten into it,” V. Raimondo said over email.

“The highlight of my youth was getting to shoot during the half times of [Maddy’s] games,” V. Raimondo said over email.

“I think it is great that Maddy decided to come back to Webster,” V. Raimondo said over email.


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