Students share ways to de-stress in quarantine

Jackson Parks
Junior Editor

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With almost the whole country trapped at home, excepting essential workers, people can become stressed or overwhelmed with uncertainty and fear of the spread of the coronavirus. Staying positive and healthy in a time like this is very important, especially if stuck inside all day.

One way to de-stress during quarantine can be taking up a new hobby. While hopefully inside, finding a new hobby or interest can keep things fresh and interesting during self-isolation. Whether it be reading more, using art as a creative outlet, or writing, anything that can keep people at ease in such an uncertain and scary time is important for people. 

Sophomore Londin Furfaro said, “Currently I’m working on my personal health, which is something I struggle with a lot during the school year. I’m doing more things to help boost my confidence and motivation in myself. […] Art is also a great way to express how you’re feeling and it almost always helps me destress. My art final will be focused on body positivity and self-image.”

Another way to de-stress can be a binge-watch of a television series. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are benefiting from people streaming while stuck at home.

Sophomore Lillie Torbit said, “I stay occupied during self-quarantine by finding new hobbies to entertain myself with and watching new TV shows.”

Netflix’s “Tiger King” has been ranked number 1 in daily streams for Netflix almost since its release thanks to people looking for a distraction. If looking for a distraction from such a crazy world right now, finding a new series to watch can prove itself to be a great distraction and a healthy outlet.

Many students have been trying to stay busy and occupied during their own quarantines and virtual schooling. 

Sophomore Zoë Rush shared, “To keep occupied during quarantine, I have been staying active and learning new things like how to play tennis.”

Anna Karpen, sophomore, revealed, “Well, I usually walk my dog, if I’m having anxiety, or I try to sleep it off and stay rested.” 

Even though people are stuck inside, it is important for them not to isolate themselves virtually from people. Keeping in touch with friends and family right now is important to stay happy and provide a sense that everyone is not alone in a time like this. 

Virtual classrooms like Zoom are a great and effective way to keep a class together, while still being casual. Making sure that communication is maintained is healthy, especially when staying home safe. In an article on your mental health during quarantine the CDC said, “Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.”

Staying busy, occupied and entertained during self-isolation can help distract from such a crazy world right now. It is important to try our best to not become stressed or even more overwhelmed than we already are while staying at home. Doing the best to find health distractions and hobbies, while still keeping in contact with friends and family, is the top thing to do right now, other than staying home and healthy.


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