Spring sport athletes try to stay active 

Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

Women’s lacrosse members sit together before practice. Pictured are sophomore Jylian Martin, sophomore Zoe Rush, senior Sydney O’Brien, junior Mia Genazzi, junior Sophie Blake, senior Gwen Acar, junior Quinn Tegenkamp, freshman Delaney Sullivan, sophomore Sydney Harp, junior Kaia Askew and junior Larissa Stiber. Photo by Rita Hunt.

Spring sports were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Spring sports include baseball, men’s golf, lacrosse, women’s soccer, men’s tennis, track and men’s volleyball.

Athletes from each of these sports are trying to remain active and in shape even though their season has been postponed. 

Coaches of many sports have made an effort to keep their teams active, and baseball is no exception.

Sophomore Ben Pires is a catcher for the JV baseball team. 

“They supplemented us with workouts to keep us in shape,” Pires said.

Some athletes are also doing workouts on their own. “I’ve been doing the workouts, running and working on my skills to improve myself,” Pires said. 

Sophomore Sydney Harp is a Varsity lacrosse player. 

“I’ve been working out twice a day, I’ve been running and focusing on my core strength,” Harp said.

Teams are trying to stay connected and positive through this. “At the moment, our team is making an appreciation video for our seniors,” Harp said. 

Sophomore Jylian Martin plays Varsity lacrosse as well. 

“Personally to stay active I am following these workouts my coaches put out but with a little extra running and walking my dog,” Martin said.

Martin also discussed how lacrosse has stayed connected. “We are checking in through GroupMe and sharing new things we are doing,” Martin said. 

Women’s lacrosse coach Rita Hunt has been trying to keep her team active and optimistic. 

We are all in a GroupMe to share information and stay connected. I post on our Instagram a workout each day as part of a 30-Day Quarantine Workout Challenge. We also have Wall Ball Routines and Stick Tricks posted each week. We will be adding a breakdown of lacrosse rules and highlighting our seniors on Instagram- plus a few other surprises in the works,” Hunt said. 

Keeping the team healthy and happy is important to Hunt. 

“We do check-ins on our GroupMe, and us coaches are always open to any ideas or thoughts the ladies have to stay connected as a team. It’s a difficult time, and as long as they have somewhere they know they can check in and we are all there for each other, I’m good with that. We are all in unknown territory paving the way for the future, we just have to be creative, self motivated and stay healthy to get through it,” Hunt said. 

Sophomores Elsie Zerega and Audrey Swaine both play soccer. To keep the girls active, coaches have organized workouts over Zoom with a former soccer player twice a week and also assign four other workouts for the girls to complete. 

I have completed the workouts. They take up most of the week, and that’s kept me very active,” Swaine said. 

Zerega said, “I’ve been doing high school workout, I’ve been going on runs around the neighborhood, and doing footskills in my yard.”

Just like most other sports, soccer has made an effort to stay positive and connect throughout these weeks. 

“We are working on social media projects to keep both the team and everyone involved in the program active. We have daily Instagram takeovers and are working on projects to educate future Webster Groves girls soccer players about our core values, we also are planning a team yoga session and breakfast over Zoom,” Swaine said. 

Sophomore Macie Savala is a track team member. 

“Personally I try to run at least four times a week, 2-3.5 miles, I also have to stay in shape for dance season, so I have all of those practices still, doing ab and cardio everyday,” Savala said. 

The team has also organized meetings over Zoom. 

“I have a group chat with some of the girls I have become close with, and we also have a sprinters GroupMe and team meeting once a week,” Savala said. 


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