Behind the Scenes: Student council prepares for Winter Formal 

Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

Winter Formal was Jan. 25. The theme for the dance was black and white. 

Saturday, the day of the dance, the Student Council set up decorations in Roberts Gym, hallways and the Auxiliary Gym. 

In Roberts Gym, there were streamers, a banner made by the sophomores and eventually, a DJ booth. The DJ at the dance was TKO DJs. In the hallways were silver stars, streamers and a photo wall with balloons. 

The Auxiliary Gym had a photo booth, coat check, tables and water. 

Each grade was in charge of a different aspect of the dance. Posters were made by the freshmen. Sophomores created a banner for the gym. Juniors and seniors were in charge of decorations. When finished with their task, each grade helped each other. 

“We’ve made posters and we’re gonna set up decorations all day today,” sophomore Camille Hermann said. 

Hermann attended the dance. “My favorite part of the Winter Formal is getting to hang out with my friends,” she said. 

“We’ve done a lot of brainstorming around the theme for black and white, we’ve done an idea for newspapers to make streamers, and we’ve also thought of doing like a checkered theme for the banner,” sophomore Keith Fisher said. 

The Student Council did not end up making streamers out of newspapers but the banner was black and white checkered.

“I planned for the dance by going to Party City and Walmart and buying all the decorations, meeting with the class reps, making sure that all of the classes did the decorations that they were in charge of, making sure that everyone knew when we had to set up, and just making sure everything ran smoothly,” senior Mary Claire Wolk said. 

Wolk also attended the dance. “I love the court, I think it’s so cute, and I just love walking into the dance and seeing everyone all dressed up,” Wolk said. 

“I helped make a poster, and we all set it up in the gym, and we got decorations out, and I helped set out streamers and trees,” sophomore Sydney Harp said. 

Harp went to the dance, as well. “My favorite part was, seeing all the decorations, seeing everybody have a good time, and seeing all the people who won homecoming court,” Harp said.  

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