Student Council holds annual blood drive

Elise Wilke-Grimm
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German teacher Brent Mackey gives blood at the annual NHS blood drive, Nov. 12. This time around 62 people came to donate, and there were 40 successful pints donated. Photo by Jaden Fields.

STUCO’s blood drive will take place on Feb. 20, in the secondary gym from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 

The club works with the Red Cross Foundation to collect as much blood as possible to donate to blood banks where the blood will be used for people in need. Like the fall NHS blood drive, this annual event is in memory of Caleb Nehring.

“When I started teaching here, Caleb Nehring is who we did it in honor of. That was while Caleb’s class was still present at the high school. Now, I think we just do it because of how successful we’ve been in previous years and to be good people,” Lauren Maedge, STUCO teacher sponsor, said.

Students who are 16 years of age and older have received an email with instructions on how to sign up. There will be a permission slip that must be filled out and state ID as well as the last four digits of social security number are required. Students that did not receive an email can go to student council officers to sign up.

Student council officers recommend for people to pass the word around that the blood drive is occurring to increase the number of participants. STUCO members who are not old enough to donate blood will have the opportunity to help out in other ways, such as volunteering to be comforters, runners, to help clean up, etc.

Senior Mary Claire Wolk, one of the STUCO officers, is unable to donate blood but she will be contributing by volunteering for the whole drive. STUCO members who are interested in volunteering can contact her to get signed up. This way everyone is able to get involved to make a difference, Wolk said.

“If you’re unable to donate blood you might as well spread the word because every person who donates blood saves three lives,” Wolk said.

Though this is Lauren Maedge’s first year taking over the blood drive, she believes that this has been about it’s 10th year running. Each year STUCO has had a decent amount of success with it, according to Maedge.

First time blood donors are recommended to weigh at least 110 pounds, get a good sleep the night before, eat breakfast and drink plenty of water beforehand.

Patrick Lee, STUCO officer, will donate blood for the first time after volunteering throughout the drive. 

“I’m in the same boat as everyone who is scared about donating blood for the first time. For me it’s because the benefits outweigh the little bit of pain for an hour,” Lee said.


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