Op-Ed: Stay Sustainable, shop local this holiday season

Emily Stisser
Entertainment Columnist

Abbey Eilermann, owner and founder of Daily Disco, started the custom chainstich company in 2015. Daily Disco’s new storefront is located in the heart of the Hill, at 2103 Marconi Ave. Photo provided by Abbey Eilermann.

During the frenzy of the holiday season, opting for sustainability, affordability and mindful shopping often falls between the cracks.

Here are some recommendations of how to stay sustainable this holiday season, while supporting local women-run businesses.


Upcycling, equally affordable and environmentally friendly, is just one sustainable option.

An opportunity to enrich a well-loved piece, Daily Disco is here to make one’s embroidery dreams come true. Bring in an old denim jacket, tote bag or bandana to give life to a new gift. Located in The Hill, at 2103 Marconi Ave., this woman-run business is just as much one-of-a-kind as sustainable.

Follow Daily Disco’s journey and find inspiration on Instagram, at @daily_disco.


An alternative choice is thrifting.

Thrift shop in style at The Vault, located at 325 S. Brentwood Blvd.

This mother-daughter trio is an all women-run enterprise, complete in girlpower and sustainability.

Recycling Symbol by Elise Keller

Bring in old clothes to make some extra cash on the spot, or earn store credit, during the holiday season. Shopping second hand allows for unique and rare gifts givers may not be able to give normally.

Additionally, The Vault is aiming to be completely plastic free in the coming year, including all tags.

Follow The Vault on Instagram at @thevaultluxuryresale to stay updated or new finds and pieces.

More traditional stores, still local, such as Goodwill, Savers, ReFresh, or a local Antique Shop are additionally just as green.


Furthermore, practicality and sustainability go hand in hand

Shop this season at LARK Skin Co., a clean skin care line made “by women, for women,” based locally at 8709 Big Bend Blvd.

Made with high-quality natural ingredients, LARK is a consciously clean company, promoting green beauty.

According to LARK, green beauty is,”a blanket term for totally natural skincare.  This typically refers to your products that are made with eco-friendly ingredients, ones that are good for the environment while also being good for your overall health.”

Promoting sustainability, LARK refrains from using excessive plastic in its packaging, opting for glass containers.

Selling products anywhere from custom face masks, to sculpting tools, to natural perfumes, LARK has a gift for everyone this holiday season.

Additionally, one does not need to give a physical gift for the token to have meaning. Sometimes, experiences are just as, or more, meaningful to recipients.

LARK offers a surplus of custom facials and treatments. Each service begins with a trip to LARK’s “Ritual Bar,” where customers will have a one-on-one consultation with a Holistic Esthetician.

Facials are often individual, but those interested in booking a party of two or more can contact LARK via email or phone.


Additionally, a theater show, concert or trip downtown can create a meaningful experience.

One method that makes an impact is being mindful of gift packaging. Tissue paper, for example, is easy to save, store and reuse. Many conscious givers also have
an endless cycle of gift bags, kept and reused from gifts they have received.


Emily Stisser – Entertainment Columnist 

This will be Emily Stisser’s second year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.


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