Drama presents winter one acts

Maeve Taylor
Podcast Editor

Sophomore Emma Hendrick performs in a one act directed by freshman Gray Maynor. Photo by Maeve Taylor.

Winter one acts were held on Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. in the Black Box Theater with an admission price of $5. 

Winter one acts is a  festival hosted yearly by the drama department that celebrates student-run theater, through student involvement in the writing and directing process. Students were a personally-written one act play in late October. Then, they were able to cast their plays based on auditions, which were held this year on Nov. 8. 

The total performance consisted of eight one acts.

 First was “Planet B,” written and directed by sophomore Sienna DeSuza, and portrayed by junior Julia Hamm, senior Ashley Cimarolli, freshman Xavier Jurotich, junior Alex Bahr and senior Max Klement.

Next was “Banana,” written and directed by sophomore Millie Thum, and acted in by sophomore Aiden Owens, freshman Luca Giodano and Hamm.

After that was “Russian Mistake,” written and directed by freshman Gray Maynor and acted in by sophomore Emma Hendrick, freshman Jahon Moore, Owens and senior Aliyah Dill. 

“‘Who Eats Breakfast’ Club” was written and directed by sophomore Camille Herrman and portrayed by Owens, junior Amissa blumenthal, freshmen Arctic Grosvenor, freshmen Alexis Romano, freshman Ellie Halls, sophomore Frank Dartevelle and sophomore Cate Curtis.

“Invisible,” written and directed by sophomore Ezekiel La Mantia,  was portrayed by sophomore Ava Musgraves, junior Annalise McCann, junior Alex de Foy and freshmen Spencer O’Brien.

“Understand?” was written and directed by senior Kwan Willhoft and portrayed by Klement, de Foy and sophomore Lauren Perry. 

“The Murder of a Princess” was co-written and co-directed by sophomore Thomas Kessler and Giordano, and was portrayed by junior Ada Foley, junior Marshall Glaus, junior Amelia Griesedieck, senior John Sterbenz and Kessler.

The night ended with “Captain Clove and the Amazing Adventure for Space Treasure,” written and directed by sophomore Zach MacCartney, and portrayed by Glaus, sophomore Claire McCarthy, sophomore Elsa Serfas, sophomore Samantha Massena, Perry and freshmen Catalina Draney. 

The student directors overall enjoyed the experience of one acts. 

Kessler said, “My experience was kind of stressful but overall fun. It was stressful because of scheduling but if anyone even remotely wants to write a one act, they should just do it.”


Maeve Taylor – Podcast Editor

This is Maeve Taylor’s second year on the Echo as the podcast editor, after making several contributions to the Echo while taking journalism her freshman year.


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