FemCo president sets goal to help people

Senior Rosie Ryan worked with her parents, Dee and John Ryan, to organize Webster Feeds, a food drive to collect can goods for Operation Food Search.

“I am a big personality, and I have a lot of strong opinions, and I’m not afraid to make my opinions known and heard,” senior Rosie Ryan said.

“I’m not afraid to be the one to get beat up on so that someone else’s voice is heard.”

Fighting for social justice is important to Ryan. Ryan is among the just 24.9 percent of Americans who volunteer, according to a 2016 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey. Ryan has not only volunteered for several organization like PotBangerz and Planned Parenthood, she and her family also created and operated a local canned food drive, Webster Feeds, for almost a decade. The canned food drive is a good example of Ryan’s lifelong passion.

Ryan said, “My main career goal is to help people.”

Ryan’s service as president of the Feminist Coalition further exemplifies her life of service.

Ryan said, “Getting to lead a group like FemCo, it’s so fun to hear everyone’s opinions. One of my favorite things is like every other Tuesday when we get together (…) I just like love hearing people, and I love hearing ideas.” Ryan uses others experiences, ideas, facts and opinions to shape and reshape her perspective.

In talking about her high school journey, Ryan said,“I think I’m most proud of how I’ve changed as a person. I used to have my ways set in stone. I’ve just learned so much from so many different people here, and I’ve just changed a lot in my views and my acceptance of people and ideas, and I’ve also just changed in my overall happiness.”

“‘That’s so Webster’ But, what does that mean?” wrote Ryan in her Franzie finalist All-Write piece, “A Love Letter to Webster,” where she reminisced about the traditions of her hometown. Ryan, having grown up in Webster Groves, has a lot of memories to share and answers to give the question.

Ryan explains her favorite Webster  experience has been, “Last year’s Turkey Day light show. Drumline does the light show every year and (…) when we hit the last downbeat of the whole thing there was just this wall of sound. Like I went home and cried; it was just the most magical thing that I’ve ever experienced.”

Ryan’s participation in music also extends to band where she is apart of Jazz 1. Her journey started in sixth grade where she met teacher Kevin Cole.

Cole explained, “I was excited to meet Rosie when she was a sixth grader because she, like so many other beginning musicians, was very eager to learn an instrument.  I found out very quickly that she was an enthusiastic leader and a kid with a great sense of humor.”

Cole and Ryan have known each other for about seven years now and have shared many memories along the way. Cole describes his most memorable encounter with Ryan as her audition for Jazz 1.

Cole said, “Jazz I keeps a pretty relentless schedule of rehearsing and performing, too, and I didn’t know what to expect.  Rosie came in and had a terrible auditioned, apologize and left. She was gone for about a half an hour before returning with an almost-visible sense of resolve.  She played a terrific audition, and she has been our most improved player throughout the year. The unusual first impression-followed by a very confident follow-up was sort of a real-time metaphor for Rosie.”

Ryan will attend Mount Holyoke College next year.

Trinity Madison- Business/ Advertisement Manager

This is Senior Trinity Madison’s first year on ECHO staff. She now serves as Advertising / Business Manager after a year of training and contributory writing in journalism class.


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