All-Write award winner to pursue business career

Eleanor Marshall
Print Editor

Drama teacher Todd Schaefer awards senior Sam Hayden the Screen Write Award on March 8, in the auditorium. Photo by Lindsey Bennett.

From marketing to interning the All Write Festival, Eagle Award Nominee Sam Hayden is very involved in the school.

“Working All Write this year was a crazy experience, and I wish I would have gotten more involved in the festival sooner,” Hayden said. “I believe that All Write is a staple of Webster Groves High School, and that all students should try to get involved. It provided an opportunity for me to use a wide variety of my skills/interests (sound tech, graphic design, coordinating, and filmmaking).”

Not only did Hayden help run the festival, but he won the new Screen Write award for his film, “Reach.”

“It felt amazing to win the Screen Write award. So many people were involved in the production of this film, and I cannot thank them enough. It was a nice to end off the festival,” Hayden said.

Although Hayden has a passion for movies and photography, he does not plan to pursue a career in the arts. Instead, he plans on using his creative talents in the business field at Fordham University.

“Currently, I am planning on going into business, but I hope to take courses about film and continue to make films in the future,” Hayden said.

“There are many areas under the business umbrella that interest me. Some examples are marketing, advertising, and maybe even film and television. I hope to narrow down to a specific area as I progress through college,” Hayden said.
His decision to pursue a career in business was greatly influenced by marketing teacher Kara Siebe. Hayden said he has “been inspired” by her and all of his peers in marketing.

Siebe feels the same way about Hayden.

“Sam is the type of student who has a passion and is willing to take on extra responsibilities and seek out opportunities in order to help him reach his goals,” Siebe said.

“He has spent countless hours creating promotional videos and materials for charitable events for our school, community, and even friends,” Siebe said.

“Sam is what you would call a jack of all trades. He is mature and respected by staff and peers. His level of maturity has awarded him a position as an intern with our alumni department. Sam has an inner drive and hunger for knowledge that is going to set him apart from his peers after graduation. He doesn’t look for shortcuts, he is always looking to do what is right. I’m going to miss him as a student next year but am excited to see what is in store for him,” Siebe said.


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