History teacher enjoys student interest

Zeke La Mantia
Contributing Writer

History teacher Connor Katsev describes his teaching style as “student oriented.” Photo by Jaden Fields

Connor Katsev began working at Webster Groves High School this fall as a history teacher. He reflected that he first decided to become a teacher when he took an Advanced Placement Art History class in high school.

He recalled loving the field and the new learning absorbed him and was exhilarating. It was then that he realized it was his dream to teach that same type of class to high school students one day.

Katsev began his career teaching government as a student teacher, so history has been the subject that has always been consistent within his career. He said it is still growing on him.

Katsev has been an educator for three years and got his degree from Truman State University. He said his teaching style is more student oriented as he is interested in discussing opinions and historical attitudes than having dates and facts and lectures memorized.

“I truly enjoy when students get excited about a topic in government and want to know so much about it (gun control, immigration, etc.). Then we can build on that knowledge and curiosity through simulations that have you critically think about those major topics.” He added, “My style of teaching is student-driven conversation and simulation-based.”

As much as Katsev is invested in teaching and shaping the minds of students;  he still feels that he has missed out on becoming an active community member, as he has yet to attend a Turkey Day Football game between Webster Groves and Kirkwood High Schools stating; “I really want to see what all the fuss is about.”


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