Counselor shares views on working in WGHS

Zora Thomas
Contributing Writer

Counselor Simone Cunningham finds classes for students to take next year. Photo by Zora Thomas

After graduating high school from WGHS in 2007 and finishing college at Illinois State University, Simone Cunningham, school counselor, felt as though she was called into doing this job, mostly because she enjoys connecting with students on a “different level” as she put it.

Even though this is her first year working as a school counselor, she finds the job very busy and lots of fun. Her favorite part is getting to know her students’ strengths and weaknesses so she can best support and prepare them for the future. She also stated that she has been enjoying all parts of her job besides the busy work, and that all of the lessons are important for her.

Cunningham has been active when it comes to racial events in WGHS, according to the South County Times, since she is one of the sponsors for the student organization Speak Up.

“You enjoy all of the memorable moments that you have while working there” she stated.

According to Barbara Smith, a counseling department office assistant, Cunningham was a teacher before she became a counselor. “She knows what she’s doing…she already knows a lot about the kids; she already knows a lot about the school.”

Cunningham advised incoming freshmen to start the year off strong. “You wouldn’t want to fall behind or slack off in any of your classes…because it would be hard to catch up in their other three years of high school.”

Cunningham also noted that after leaving high school, she realized, “The real world really does hit you.” She then compared Webster as a little bubble, compared to the rest of the world.

“Cherish your four years, because they fly by quickly,” Cunningham said.



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