Frazier from the Field: Women’s basketball offers young team

While many are awaiting the men’s basketball season, the women’s season is well underway with a total of five games played.

Freshman Ellie Paloucek looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. Photo by Greg Frazier.

The Stateswomen played against Lutheran South to start off the season. The game ended with a one-point deficiency by Webster resulting in 68-69. Last year women’s basketball didn’t play against Lutheran South in the regular season.

Another interesting start to the season is senior Lauren Hollandsworth. She is the only senior playing this year. In past seasons, the team has had at least four.

Hollandsworth and head coach Joshua Spuhl said, “We have a very young team.”
The team’s freshmen team sprung up conversation as well. Four freshmen play for the team: Eliza Maupin, Sophia Nittinger, Ellie Paloucek and Jenna Clark. Maupin and Nittinger are both over six feet tall; the two tallest on the team are freshmen.

Senior Lauren Hollandworth gets ready to shoot against Parkway South on Dec. 10. Webster lost this game 38-46. Photo by Greg Frazier.

It’s hard to say why there are more underclasswomen on the team. In recent years more players decide to quit after playing for one or two years. This increases the need for players on team, and the easiest solution is to have underclassmen on the team. This isn’t a bad thing. Spuhl should pick the best players with the most talent.

“The starters are based on skill level,” Spuhl said.

The starters are senior Lauren Hollandsworth, junior Courtney Lumpkins, sophomore Gabriela Moore, and freshmen Eliza Maupin and Ellie Paloucek.

On Dec. 10, the Stateswomen played Parkway South.

Junior Courtney Lumpkins attempts to dribble through Parkway South players. Photo by Greg Frazier

Maupin had a presence on the court reminiscent of two-time State champion Carte’Are Gordon. Maupin controlled the box and put up two points play after play. Maupin remained on the court for the entirety of the first half and briefly in the third quarter. Leading the game with 13 points, Maupin made up 30 percent of the total points against Parkway South. Unfortunately, Maupin didn’t make up enough as Webster lost 38-46.

Greg Frazier – Sports Editor 

This is Greg Frazier’s second year on ECHO staff.  Last year, he was circulation manager, and this year he is sports editor and columnist.  Also he made several contributions while taking journalism class his freshman year.

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