Restaurant’s culinary skills make impact on Webster Groves

Elise Wilke-Grimm
Contributing Writer

A chef’s favorite dish of the night is this rigatoni, which sells for $16. Photo by Elise Wilke-Grimm

Come to Clover and the Bee in Webster Groves and expect a trendy and enjoyable experience.

Cozy coffee shop in the morning and upbeat outlet at night. Clover and the Bee serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It opened about a year ago and is the sister restaurant to neighbor Olive and Oak.

“If Olive + Oak is the brother: think of Clover and the Bee as his feminine sister,” co-owner Becky Ortyl said in a recent Stl Magazine article.  

About its delicious food, Clover and the Bee has a menu that almost completely changes every season. There will be a refreshing new taste with the same atmosphere.

A dish customers are quite fond of is the torta di nonna, a heavenly pastry with a vanilla citrus taste and topped with pine nuts ($8).  

Chef favorite is a spicy yet creamy, 100 percent vegetarian rigatoni ($16) with tomato-vodka sauce.

Bread is provided while customers wait for the entrees.

Dinners at Clover and the Bee will cost at least $14 usually and can cost up to $30. Even though food can be expensive, patrons will have no regrets when it comes out.

Sauce magazine recently nominated Clover and the Bee as one of the best restaurants of the year, and for a good reason too. Mark Hinkle, co-owner of the restaurant, started a nonprofit business that sells red wooden hearts to promote the research of congenital heart disease.

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