‘The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding’ doesn’t deliver what it should

Samantha Massena
Contributing Writer

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” was released on Nov. 30 available on the online streaming service Netflix. Photo from Netflix.com

Netflix’s sequel to “The Christmas Prince,” was all over the place with the plot. It came out on Nov. 3, of this year.

The trailer gives the idea the movie is about Queen Helena, played by Alice Krige, and the main character, Amber, played by Rose Mclver, is having conflicts with ideas for what amber wants in the royal wedding.  

The movie’s idea is about an imaginary country of Aldovea’s prince, Richard, played by Ben Lamb, and a reporter, Amber, played by Rose Mclver, who enviably fall in love. The premise of the movie was a good one, but the execution of the sequel was badly done.

Richard, who is now the king is having a difficulty ruling due to something draining money from the country. The misconception is that the movie writers tell you that the plot is different than the movie is. The directors and other people who created the movie could have avoided the problem. The other storylines were half-baked at best and didn’t contribute much to the story.

When creating a story like this, everything has to tie together. However, characters returned for no purpose besides exposition. Chef Ivana, played by Katarina Cas, only appears a few times, has no exposition for her backstory and creates an unnecessary side story.

The acting is subpar, and the actors don’t show as much emotion as people would feel in their situation. A great example of this would be Richard, who, throughout the movie, goes back and forth between stonelike and extremely emotional.

Despite being a side character who only appeared a few times, Amber’s father, played by Daniel Fathers, was the best actor in the film. His New York Queens accent was excellent, and he acted like any normal person would in his situation.

“The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” had some good qualities like the concept, scenery and decoration, but they weren’t enough to save the film.

“The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is available on Netflix and runs for 92 minutes.

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