Frazier from the Field: Football flops this season

Let’s talk about stats for one second, specifically the ratio of 318:59. This heavy ratio represents the number of points scored on Webster (318) and the 59 of points Webster has scored the entire season.

Junior Jerqon Conners pushes the ball on Sept. 7, against Ladue on Moss Field where the final score was 7-38. Photo by Ethan Ryan

We, Webster Groves High School- our prideful, tradition-based and hubristic football team-  scored a total of 59 points.

To put that into perspective, take Webster’s match against Pattonville on Sept. 14, as an example. Webster obviously lost, as it scored seven points, but Pattonville scored 51 points. Nearly as many points in one game than we’ve scored in our whole season.

It’s not all bad, though. Senior Joey Nash may be our last hope.  Without any prior training, he’s been the messiah that came to save the football team, scoring seven points as kicker. That might not seem much to the average football team, but we’re no average football team. Seven points is a substantial 15 percent of our total points this season. Without him, we’d be in the 50s for total points, but because of him, we’re close to 60. Still in the 50s though.

With all silly numbers aside. Something should be said about this unique season,

Despite the team’s unmatched adversary. There was a victory at the end of the season. Throughout high school sports there are good years and bad years. This 2018 season can be looked at both ways. In statistical sense; it was a bad year. However in a more realistic sense; it was a good year.

A year where the players, coaches, parents and fans all took a step back and realized what makes football. Football. It’s not the State titles, the heartbreak defeats or even the officers guiding fans off the field.

It’s the community built around the game.

The parents counseling their players, the marching band sticking it out all four quarters and the fans cheering on the little things. A small first down, or an incomplete pass. Because no matter the importance of the play, the true fans will cheer for every small victory.

As this season in review comes to end, and I part ways with reporting on my last football piece. I think the only thing every Statesman football player needs right about now is a hug and a bowl of chili.


Greg Frazier – Sports Editor 

This is Greg Frazier’s second year on ECHO staff.  Last year, he was circulation manager, and this year he is sports editor and columnist.  Also he made several contributions while taking journalism class his freshman year.


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